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Global News, January 6, 2016

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The Minerals Report, Volume 6, June 2015

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IMII Media Release, December 2014

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IMII's announcement on the future of mining safety in SK, Dec 16, 2014

SESEMI Research Team

        SESEMI team members (left to right) Dr. Valery Chirkov, Angie Gerrard, Jade Anderson, Chau
        Ha, Dr. Lyle Grant, and Dr. Madeline Press at IMII's special announcement at Innovation Place.
        The honourable Don Morgan (SK minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety), Dr. Larry
        Rosia (President and CEO of Sask Polytech), Dr. Peter Stoicheff (Dean of the U of S College
        of Arts and Science), Rob Bubnick (VP of Safety, Health & Environment, PotashCorp), and
        Joseph Gosselin (Strategy & Development, Potash, BHP Billiton Canada Inc.) were also present.

U of S On Campus News, Vol 21, Iss 16 published April 25, 2014

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IMII 2nd Annual General Meeting: Major Funding Announcement
March 20th, 2014

Jade Anderson’s Address:

Good afternoon everyone, I am very pleased to speak on behalf of my team members here today, Dr. Lyle Grant, coordinator of the Institute for Nursing Scholarship at SIAST, PHD candidate and nurse educator Madeline Press also from SIAST, Chau Ha, an information scientist at SIAST, and Dr. Valery Chirkov of the Applied Psychology department at the University of Saskatchewan.

I am Jade Anderson, a graduate student in Applied Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan. As Saskatchewan residents, we all fully appreciate how vital the mining industry is to the people of Saskatchewan and how important safety is in the industry. I am originally from Stockholm, a small mining community in southern Saskatchewan and therefore this project is very personal to me as I have many close friends and family members who work at the potash mine - having them come home safely everyday is very important to me and I know that my feelings are shared by everyone here and the thousands of people with loved ones in the industry.

Growing up in a mining community, I have experienced firsthand how generous the mining industry is and I am grateful to be able to give back through the coordination of this valuable, multidisciplinary project. As a summer student employee for Mosaic Potash, I also know firsthand how dedicated the mining industry is in ensuring employee safety at work and at home through essential safety training, intense safety programs, and positive leadership.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside industry partners, who are renowned as worldwide leaders in safety. Working collaboratively, we will combine our research and educational expertise with the expertise of the industry so that together we may seek sustainable strategies to further improve and maintain employees’ safety behaviour and engagement. We will work closely with industry partners at every step of our project, including visits to every industry partner mine site, as this is the only way to ensure that resulting safety strategies, recommendations, and developments are directly applicable to the Saskatchewan industry and Saskatchewan employees.

We also aim to build sustainable capacity in safety research and develop local expertise in this area by involving students on both the U of S and SIAST campuses.

Together, we can enhance the safety of mining employees in Saskatchewan and preserve the industry’s spot as a global leader not only in mineral production, but also in the value of employees’ health, well-being, and safety.




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